About us

Publicerad den 2020-08-31

80 romance scams is reported every month in Sweden

An information from National fraudcenter. The victims have nowhere to turn. We started this union, "Stoppa Romansbedrägeri" to be supportive and warn others.

What we do

- Cooperate with police, bank, transaction companies, tax authorities and victim support Sweden

- Offer support and advice to victims and their close ones by phone or meeting when it´s possible.

- Contributing with information, knowledge and warnings via media and internet

- Our fee is only 200:- / year and we are thankful for every gift

Welcome to contact us! We are also on Facebook


Violet Petersson, chairman/ordförande och för talksupport/samtalsstöd: 070-628628


Jane Hansson, kassör och sekreterare


    Martin Bring, photo indentify/bildsökare


   Helena Eklund boardmember/styrelseledamot och för talksupport/samtalsstöd : 0703429757